One blue sky above us/one ocean lapping on our shore/one earth so green and round/who could ask for more? And because I love you/I’ll give it one more try/to show my rainbow race that is too soon to die - Pete Seeger This was my third year volunteering at the #clearwaterfestival and what a weekend it’s been! If you’ve never heard of it or have never been, do yourself a favor and register to volunteer at next year’s festival! I have always loved the community of kind-hearted, engaged, socially aware, inclusive folks that Clearwater draws together. Best of all it gives me such a sense of hope for a future worth fighting for. Did I mention the incredible music? This year I had the incredible fortune of catching #rhiannongiddens and #theymightbegiants

Thanks to They Might Be Giants, I got way too excited over this Capitol find.

Today’s #newlistening features some recommendations from @isaacsmith05 I appreciate recommendations, so thanks! First album wasn’t a recommendation, but the last album I was supposed to listen to on my flight yesterday. Kraftwerk’s Mensch Maschine was a revolutionary album for electronic music, but the issue with that is that it sounds really outdated. Sure it had a massive influence on music, but it’s super simple and basic. That being said, it’s still pretty good. The Model and Robots are great songs. 8/10. Lincoln by They Might be Giants is really entertaining. It’s a bit simplistic, but great songwriting. The songs have entertaining topics and the lyrics are creative. 8/10. Flood by They Might Be Giants is a bit richer in terms of instrumentation, but weaker on lyrics in some areas. Still entertaining. 8/10. Finally, I listened to Emerson Lake and Palmer’s Trilogy. First I do want to point out that I dislike the cover art. It’s much more organized than last album, which I enjoyed. It feels more tightly focused. However, the ideas that stood out on the previous album I heard aren’t quite as prevalent here, and I dislike the keyboard stuff near the end. It gets stale after a while. 7/10.

Extra gravity to control me but that’s my fun and I like fun 🎈 #nationalharbor #theawakening #theymightbegiants

happy fathers day dad #tmbg #theymightbegiants

1990 | They Might Be Giants - Flood VG+ | VG+ Flea Market Find/Bargain | #theymightbegiants

Best Father’s Day gift ever seeing my daughter meet her idol @margaret_glaspy ❤️ When I first heard Margaret’s song “Love Like This” on @wfuv I was instantly hooked and shared her music with Gates @noodlegirl2015. G has been one of #margaretglaspy ’s biggest fans ever since. Thank you so much, Margaret, for inspiring my girl and so many others. ❤️❤️❤️ And the day kept getting better...hello!!!...-> @theymightbegiants !!! OMG such a great band !!! #theymightbegiants Fantastic day @clearwaterfestival #clearwaterfestival 🙌😊🌎

Marty Beller of They Might Be Giants at Clearwater yesterday photo: @spm222photo for @nystatemusic . . #theymightbegiants #nysmusic @clearwaterfestival #hudsonriver #hudsonvalley #nycphotographer #518photographer #concertphotographer #brooklyn #teamcanon #musicfestival

Teasers from Day 1 of the 2018 Clearwater Festival: Hot Rize, They Might Be Giants, Ani DiFranco, David Amram, Langhorne Slim. Day 2 underway shortly! Photos: @spm222photo . . #clearwater #nysmusic #hudsonriver #theymightbegiants #hotrize #anidifranco #langhorneslim @clearwaterfestival @spm222photo

a perfect day at the #clearwaterfestival2018 with @llminnj and @marranda (not pictured: #themammals back in action, #theymightbegiants still killing it, Lucinda’s sick square dancing skills, and my attempts to do a cartwheel) #folkmusic #environmentaljustice #hudsonriver #summerhasofficiallybegun

More random treasures from my parents' house: They Might Be Giants concert ticket ($5!!!) and a ticket to my first (and only) homecoming game. . . #WilliamsCollege #theymightbegiants #TMBG #ancienthistory @flansyflans

An absolutely incredible and unforgettable night getting to see They Might Be Giants last night for the second time in the last two months. Brilliant, charming, and so much damn fun. Crackles in the sound because I was right up against the left speaker. Shout-out to the incredibly sweet young lady in front of me for giving me a handmade-crochet Dial-A-Song magnet after the show. Whoever you are, thank you so much, I love it. Next up: ELO in two months. #theymightbegiants #tmbg #dialasong #letsgetthisoverwith #dontletsstart #howcanisinglikeagirl #letmetellyouaboutmyoperation #themesopotamians #anang #theendofthetour