Happy National Hydration Day, from our family to yours👪

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What is your favorite book(s)? 🤔📚 Looking forward to your answers and adding them to my own to-read list! 👏🏻 — So, the classic: “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoyevsky...what a read! 👌🏻 It took me a while to get through, but that in turn gave me lots of time to think about the inner workings of the main character’s, Raskolnikov, mind. Because I especially read this as a psychological and philosophical study of what happens when man believes that he is far above the rest. Comparing himself to Napoleon and other great men, Raskolnikov believes that to tread the same path to greatness as them, he must commit the murder of an old pawn-broker. After this crime he suffers the punishment which drives him to the brink of insanity. I can with confidence say that this book taught me a lot about suffering and the danger of cutting one self off from society and people. It’s only when faced with other people who refuse to leave Raskolnikov’s side, despite him treating them with contempt and indifference that he starts his journey of redemption. It through conversing with others that Raskolnikov actually realizes his motives for the murder. Through trying to formulate his thought-processes aloud it becomes apparent to him that it was a pointless action and that he, as a subjective and floored human, had no right to play God and decide who lives or dies. — I hope that just one of you get inspired to pick it up (if you do, or you have already read it, I would love to talk to you about it! ☺️ — What a ramble!! Comment ‘👻’ if you made it this far! —— #Artsharingpage #artsupporters #artistfeature #theartshed #aartistic_dreamers #artistdrop #illustratenow #artscrowds #artshare #onyxkawai #bookstagram #books📚 #readingnook #readabook #readingisfundamental

"It becomes evident...that an [artists] work stands out from life to such an extent that life cannot explain it...Art, then, is an increase in life, a sort of competition of surprises that stimulates our conciousness and keeps it from becoming somnolent." . . . . . . . . . #thepoeticsofspace #gastonbachelard #art #artwork #CSC #ceramicsculptureculture #claycrits #newwork #home #homeiswheretheheartis #homeiswhereiwanttobe #house #turf #clay #ceramic #keramik #ceramicsculpture #mixedmediasculpture #photooftheday #art #artfido #theartshed #handmade #art_spotlight #artsanity #artlovers #mixedmedia #contemporaryart #nomadism #impermenance

The first layer for the leaves is done! 😀 I took some time today to draw out the rest of the flower series and it was super fun! I like to draw in pen so that I won't be able to erase anything and the imprefection of real flowers will be captured more accuratly. I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying these pieces because I usualy like to do landscapes. These are nice to do because they're simple and straightforward. I've been a little out of my normal painting groove lately and hope these will help me relax and get back into things. I hope all my friends are loving this Saturday! Enjoy the beautiful weather! 🌞 || #sunflowerdrawing #sunflowerart #watercolorflower #wip

Come As UR. Self Centered Doodle interference acrylic, graphite on canvas 72x48 inches, 2009

● H E L L O ● . I drew one of @phoenixcrystudio 's creatures! I absolutely love the design. . Thank you to everyone to came to the stream, whether you stayed for most of it, or just popped in for a couple of minutes 💕 I'll probably do another one in July

Do you know which city inspired this composition? ✍️😀🌁