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WIP. Progress of a current character sculpt. Planning on 3D printing this one once it’s finished. repost

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This is an inspiring story of No-Limits. He is a solo traveling like me. He's completely blind. He walks w/ a cane in one hand & phone w/ talking GPS in the other. He's travel throughout Russia to go to the  #worldcup games. He LOVES futbol. While at the matches. He can not see anything. So he listens to the crowds around him & the radio. I travel to meet amazing people along the road of life.  #nofear  #inspiration If you ever thought chasing your dream was hard. Now image doing being blind.  #noexcuses  #liveyourbestlife #livingmysteemdream #steem #paidbysteem

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Authorities Track Bitcoin Transactions of Dark Web Drug Dealer, Arrested Authorities Track Bitcoin Transactions of Dark Web Drug Dealer, Arrested Thomas Delahunty | June 16, 2018 | 10:30 am Authorities Track Bitcoin Transactions of Dark Web Drug Dealer, Arrested Thomas Delahunty | June 16, 2018 | 10:30 am A 36-year-old French national plead guilty this week in U.S. courts for selling narcotics for Bitcoin on the dark web. Guy Vallerius, who operated under the monkier ‘OxyMonster,’ was arrested by authorities at the Atalanta airport last September as he was making his way to Austin, Texas to take part in the World Beard and Mustache Championships. Authorities Uncover Identity of OxyMonster As the criminal complaint filed last year shows, U.S. authorities were able to identify Vallerius as OxyMonster — as well as keep him under surveillance — after they discovered one of his Bitcoin accounts. They got to his Bitcoin account through Vallerius’ ‘tip jar’ on the Dream Market dark web marketplace. The purpose of the tip jar was to allow buyers on Dream Market to tip Vallerius for his services — selling the opiate painkiller Oxycodone and the ADHD drug Ritalin. The problem for Vallerius was, unlike most vendors on the Dream Market, he did not configure his tips to go through the marketplace’s internal payment systems, which passed transactions through a tumbler/mixer. Instead, he set the tip jar to receive funds at a Bitcoin address he set up. The complaint reads: “After observing the bitcoin ‘tip jar’ advertised by OxyMonsyter, agents conducted [an] analysis of the incoming and outgoing transactions from that bitcoin address and learned that 15 out of 17 outgoing transactions from the OxyMonster tip jar went to multiple wallets controlled by French national Gal VALLERIUS on” This slip-up allowed law enforcement to get a clue of who may be behind the OxyMonster monicker. Their suspicions were later confirmed when an analysis of OxyMonster and Vallerius’ writing styles suggested they were the same person: “Open source data revealed that VALLERIUS