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Link in BIO: Learn more about the Japanese Photography Project portfolio series in the "Discover More" section of the landing page through our bio link. . We've just begun to scrape the surface of the life and work of Provoke member Kazuo Kitai, but you have the opportunity to follow along with beautiful, real-life prints of this artistic master and others. . The Japanese Photography Project has launched a Portfolio Series, and this inaugural collection, The Provoke Generation: Rebels in a Turbulent Time, is unlike any Provoke experience seen before. Included in each handcrafted box are 12 8x10 collotype images of 6 ground breaking photographers (72 prints total), made by Benrido Atelier​ of Kyoto Japan, expert essay by top curators such as Simon Baker of the Tate​ Modern, and so much more. . Separated in to six sections, collections contains mini portfolios of great masters of Japanese photography. Here we see the section dedicated to Kazuo Kitai. Discover each artist's boundary-pushing and inventive styles, while learning about the politically charged era, now through this unique, handcrafted portfolio.

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