#Momijigari part 1: The red maple leaves (late November 2017) . Zarame senbei while watching the red autumn leaves at Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto. Those red things in the background? They are all red maple leaves! I had seen on TV and photos how the vibrant red they become in autumn, but I never thought I would get to see it with my own eyes. @op.118 and I discovered this type of senbei (japanese rice crackers) while walking around Kyoto. I'm used to senbei being savory with bits of seaweed, but this one is coated with Zarame (large crystal) sugar so it is sweet but still retain the a hint of soy saltiness similar to other senbeis. And it's very delicious, so much that we each got two more to go. 😂 Momijigari ( #紅葉狩り) is the Japanese tradition of visiting areas where leaves have turned red in the autumn. “Momiji” means red leaves, and “Gari” means hunting – so quite literally, it means hunting autumn leaves. It is said the tradition began in Edo period when royalties started visiting certain areas of Japan to look at the autumn leaves. I could see why, because the leaves have changed into its beautiful fall colors – Ginko trees turn brilliant yellow, Maple trees turn vibrant red, and other trees turn various shades of brown while some remained green – it makes for a warm blend of colors that is very pleasing to the eye. 🍂🍁 #GirlEatKyoto #ShotOniPhoneX #GirlEatJapan

#Momijigari part 2: Brilliant yellow leaves amongst greeneries (late November 2017) . #焼きもち Yakimochi at Akame 48, a beautiful waterfall trail about an hour out of Osaka. We came here for another round of Momijigari, the autumn leaf hunting tradition (visit my blog for more information on this). Akame 48 is an easy trail in Mie prefecture, following a main river which forms many small and big waterfalls. There aren't exactly 48 waterfalls on the trail, but "48 waterfalls" signifies endless waterfalls in Japanese language. The area is also known as Ninja valley – the birthplace of Ninjas and home to giant Salamander. At the entrance to the waterfall, you'll pass by several snacks and souvenir shop. I recommend picking up some snacks to enjoy on the trail! But please look after your own trash since there are no bins inside. My favorite pick is yakimochi (焼きもち) from one of the shops for 120 yen a piece. Yakimochi is grilled Japanese rice cake, which has a very sticky and soft texture when hot off the grill – that's why it has the plastic wrap to keep its shape. It's stuffed with sweet red bean paste inside, but it has a hint of saltiness on the outside – super delicious! . 💡Trivia: In Japanese language, aside of "grilled rice cake", yakimochi could also mean "to be jealous" depending on the context of the sentence. #GirlEatJapan #ShotOnIphoneX

#Momijigari part 3: The perfect autumn warm tones (late November 2017) . 🍙🍂🍁 Onigiri at Akame 48 Waterfall. I love checking out the grocery stores and convenience stores whenever I am in Japan. My absolute favorite thing to get? The onigiri! These Japanese Rice Ball is a staple snack - I get at least one a day. There are many types of onigiri - with salmon, tuna, chicken, egg or vegetarian ones with pickled plums or beans and sesame. After this trip, I was convinced Japan is the most beautiful country in the world. They’ve got something for every season – Sakura in the spring, beautiful snowy mountains in Hokkaido (which I’ve yet to visit) in winter, amazing diving in Okinawa (still on my bucket list) and Momijigari in the fall. I shot this with @moment wide angle lens - I've been playing around with moment lenses and I absolutely love them! They really do make a difference to your mobile photos. #ShotOniPhoneX #GirlEatJapan #ShotOnMoment #onigiri

"Solo a Tokyo, camminando per le strade, passi con tanta facilità accanto a ragazze o signore in kimono, dai colori vivi o sommessi secondo l'età, a giovani donne in eleganti abiti da passeggio di modello occidentale, a fanciulle in jeans, in sari dell'India, nell'attillata veste cinese". Fosco Maraini in Ore Giapponesi #Asia #Giappone #Japan #Tokyo #kimono #yukata #FoscoMaraini #oregiapponesi #libri #letturegiapponesi #tradizionigiapponesi #momiji #momijigari

Japanese seasons: 秋 Kyoto, Japan 2016 #japan #leaves #autumn #nara #秋 #momijigari

“Momijigari” 🇯🇵 • • Momijigari (going to see the autumn leaves) is one of the popular leisure activities specific to autumn in Japan. People go out to view the beautiful fall foliage. There are two readings for the word "fall foliage" (紅葉) - one is "momiji" which means "maple leaves", and the other is "kōyō", which refers to the leaves turning red during the autumn. Although it is said that the Japanese started to enjoy viewing the autumn leaves as a leisure activity during the Edo period, the culture of appreciating the fall foliage existed even in the age of the "Man'yoshu", the earliest collection of Japanese poetry, compiled in the second half of the 8th century. There are various theories regarding the origin of the word. The word "karu"(which stands at the base of "gari") was originally used to refer to "hunting" beasts such as wild boars and birds. Later, it began to be used for picking up plants, fruit and mushrooms in the mountains. When the nobility started to enjoy viewing the fall foliage instead of going to hunt, people began to call this activity "momijigari". • • #momijigari #fallcolors #Japan #fall #autumn #onsen♨️ #minakami #takaragawaonsen #kōyō

Delle foglie mi piace la costanza dei preparativi per un volo di pochi secondi (anonimo) #acero #acerorosso #jap #momijigari #lovers #feng #dignity #fenghou #canada #falling #strenght #nature #redpassion

12 « Momijigari 🍁 A japanese pastime of admiring Autumn leaves as they turn. Japanese culture is strongly rooted in appreciation of its four distinct seasons. How lucky we are to experience the same in Melbourne (even if it is sometimes in one day!) I didn't have to go far to hunt for these stunning leaves - they are currently gracing my neighbour's house exterior. Sorry you have to hunt to see my lettering in this post 😜🙏