Heat on the wrist and on the feet! Thanks for sharing, @halfcast1 ____________________________________________________________I've been a fan of Michael Jordan since I was a kid. Had the posters, clothes etc but honestly never paid attention to shoes (I know, stupid right) because I was to busy watching him fly thru the air. I had knee surgery at 18 which pretty much ended my basketball playing days and I just concentrated on runners. It wasn't until 4 - 5 years ago that the Jordanhead bug really bit. I hadn't bought a pair of Jordan's up until this point but after I bought a pair, i bought another and another. I fell in love with them and now I’m hooked. I enjoy researching and learning about different sneakers. I love my Jordan's but still love my Air Max's and Uptempo's. Also still love Pumps and a few others. I collect to wear. I buy what I like and not just what's hype. I also really enjoying taking photos of my sneakers and posting them on IG. It's been a real pleasure meeting and becoming friends with people thru our crazy love of sneakers and I look forward to continuing to do so in the future. My favorite pair would have to be the WC4's. I absolutely love them. I love 4's in general but the WC4's are a standout to me. I love the CW, that NA booty and the speckled grey. I love that shoe so much I commissioned a 1 of a kind WC4 G Shock watch to match it. I also collect G Shocks! #SneakerheadStories

Jordan 12 “OVO” vs Jordan 4 “Cactus Jack” Who y’all rocking with fam, pick one⁉️👟🔌🔥🔥 #DiorKickz

Air Jordan Why Not Zero 1 “City Of Flight” ❓😍 Disponibile ora dal nostro #storeonline dal numero 40 al 49,5 Le #jordanwhynotzero1 dedicate al #nba #allstargame2018 #followus #sneakerfarmofficial 👍

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What’s your favorite Jordan 3? Thanks for sharing, @historicalkicks! ____________________________________________________________My love for shoes came from the age of 12 when I began to play competitive basketball, I would watch clips of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Scottie Pippen on YouTube, and this inspired me to collect the same shoes they wore on feet during games. Two shoes in particular that stood out to me was the Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 10. The elephant print on the Jordan 3 made it so unique and I wanted to get a pair as soon as I could. Here comes Christmas and I finally get my first pair of Jordans. I am in awe and wake up during the middle of the night 3 times to make sure they are by my nightstand. I still can’t believe I have a branded retro that Mike the GOAT once wore. To this day my favorite shoe is the Powder Blue 10, and Powder Blue 3 remains my grails because they were the first unique colorway that caught my eye as a young kid before I got really into shoes. The sneaker community honestly is my second family and my parents see that for me as well. I suffer from depression and this community does nothing but lift me up in my darkest times it’s a place where everyone can rock and cop what they like and not be judged or told otherwise. Always welcoming, and when I first became a sneakerhead everyone welcomed me with open arms. You can always count on one another. #SneakerheadStories