Clutter your beautiful life with beautiful things and don’t worry about the rest!

Summertime magic. 🏜

Pretend this is some cliché wanderlust quote. 🗺

Vintage style 📺 Dale TAP dos veces y comenta tu emoji fav 💛 Hoy quiero un taco

Salam Jumaat 😊 #bali_ffa

You can learn all the business tactics... You can implement all the fancy tools... You can hire the best mentors... You can "do" all the things... But without integrity + authenticity, it doesn't matter. Remain true to you. Be a good human being. Love on others. Own your sh*t. Honor your word. Walk the talk. Do the damn thing. Sorry to say, but those two things cannot be taught in a course. You have to just follow your inner compass, listen to your gut, let your soul guide you, notice what feels good, act confidently from a place of value + service + purpose, and then actually do what you know you have to do. Happy Friday Eve!

Only two sweet months until i hope on a place and zip back over to Europe! This will be my first international solo trip! My normal travel buddy decided to get a job and they said no, you can’t take the time off. You gots some weddin’z to manage and junk. I’m pretty excited though, 4 days in Disneyland Paris. 2 days in the city of Paris and you best believe i’m going to the make the most of it. I really want to like Paris but it sometimes always happens that put a sour taste in my mouth. Not this time though, i’mma let Paris win my heart over! haha. ALSO I GET MY PLANE TICKET TOMORROW! If you checked out my IG story yesterday you know i wasn’t happy with @Delta pulling some crap with the sky miles. Got it figured it out! • • • •• #Fujifilm #myfujifilm #fujifeed #fuji_xseries #fujixt1 #jetset #jetsetter #globetrotter #vsco #vscocam #Travel #wanderlust #LiveAndExplore #Wander #Adventure #Explore #Wanderer #Adventurer #travellife #TravelPhotography #ExploreToCreate #explorer #WanderWisely #Travelphoto #Europe #France #Paris #ig_france #VisitParis

Sunset is not only my favourite moment of the day; it’s also my favourite colour. The prettier the pink, the better. El atardecer no solo es mi momento favorito del día; también es mi color preferido. Cuanto más rosa, mejor.

Tonight feels like this.