I love our Tuesday night calls and last night I had the pleasure of sharing with my team some of the vital behaviors I have adopted when it comes to being successful. Hands down, the most incredible asset when it comes to my fit, healthy, and happy lifestyle is my TEAM! This is what SEPARATES us from everyone else who desires long term change and goal achieving. . . Having a support system around you is so much more important than the actual workout program you are doing, the nutrition plan you are following, or what supplements you are taking. Being part of a COMMUNITY of likeminded individuals who share our journeys together, our obstacles, failures, accomplishments, and successes, and who learn from one another is absolutely PRICELESS when you are striving to create a better version of yourself. . . “We have been pursuing happiness by ourselves instead of pursuing it with other people. In order to see how bright, you can shine, you have to give to other people around you and help them shine as well. We get out of the darkness by not shining bright alone but by shining bright together!” – Shawn Achor . . If you would like more info on #engagerevolution and how you can be part of something magical, do the usual and comment or DM me! . . . . . . #fithealthyhappy #coachbrianrulka #furdad #catsrule #recoveringalcoholic #finallyhappy #soberlife #recoverywin #soberandfit #soberliving #sobriety #entrepreneur #weighttraining #cleaneating #mealprep #fitgamer #healthygamer #notalone #teamwork

Transformation Tuesday!... I remember waking up on the ground, head pounding, body aching, barely able to open my eyes because the sun light felt like daggers piercing my retinas. What the hell happened last night? Where the hell was I? Oh yea, I am on my front lawn passed out (again) from the night before, a night filled with booze, weed, pills, party's, and who knows what else! . . I didn't drink because I battled bouts of loneliness, I didn't drink because my life was full of stress, I didn't drink because of my depression, I didn't drink because of regret or guilt. Everyone in the world has those things in their life and NOT everyone self-medicates to deal with them - I drank because I was an alcoholic and when you are an alcoholic, the sun coming up is a reason to drink! . . Alcoholism destroyed much of my adult life and seriously stunted any personal, financial, and emotional growth for me for many years. It likes to do that, it gets off on that, and if severe enough (like in my case), it doesn't stop until you are dead, in prison, or in the psych ward. And the day you realize it IS that severe, you only have two choices - change or let it take you. I choose the TOUGHER of those choices, I choose CHANGE! . . I have been clean and sober over 6 years now and because of that decision to CHANGE, my whole LIFE has changed. See us alcoholics get to a point where we not only lose hope but we don't even know what that word means anymore. It is the best feeling in the world when HOPE returns to our lives, it means anything is possible again, every aspiration you ever had as a kid returns, your self-worth returns, your pride returns, your happiness returns, all your goals which once seemed impossible are now totally reachable and completely achievable. Your LIFE returns. . . If you are anyone you know is battling with this deadly disease, there is hope, you can get help before it is too late. It will be the most difficult thing you or they will ever have to do but it will be worth it. So worth it! You can and WILL get your life back, even if it at the time it seems impossible. ❤️❤️❤️

Brave, def - possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance. making a fine appearance, a warrior. . . Nowhere in the definition of BRAVE does it say “the absence of fear” . . Be Brave every day, even if you must fake it, no one will know the difference anyway. . . . . . . #engagerevolution #fithealthyhappy #coachbrianrulka #furdad #catsrule #recoveringalcoholic #finallyhappy #soberlife #recoverywin #soberandfit #soberliving #sobriety #entrepreneur #weighttraining #cleaneating #mealprep #fitgamer #healthygamer #fridaythe13th #brave

We had the amazing pleasure of having JOEL FREEMAN #joelfreemanfitness from LIIFT4 come talk to our team last night. It was AWESOME!!! He gave us the inside scoop on LIIFT4, tips, advice, answered our questions, and he was darn funny too! I can’t wait to start this program on Monday! . . I have a team challenge group that kicks off on Monday and you still have time to join us. Comment below or better yet, message me ASAP! . . . . . . #engagerevolution #fithealthyhappy #coachbrianrulka #furdad #catsrule #recoveringalcoholic #finallyhappy #soberlife #recoverywin #soberandfit #soberliving #sobriety #entrepreneur #weighttraining #cleaneating #mealprep #fitgamer #healthygamer

Technology has come such a long way, allowing us to ensure we have even more resources available to us when we decide to make changes that will help us live healthier and more fulfilling lives. ⭐️ . . Six years ago when I choose to change my lifestyle, it would have been amazing to have a trainer like Shaun T. or Tony Horton with me each day to offer extra help to get through the program and answer questions. Well, we have that now! 😃 . . We are in the prep week of LIIFT4 and Joel has been going live in the exclusive test group (that is still open for people to join) to get us ready for program release next Monday. He will continue to do so all throughout the 8 week program. We also have Joel all to ourselves tonight when he will appear as a guest speaker on our regular Tuesday night team call.🎉⭐️🎉⭐️ . . What an amazing company I work for that continues to go above and beyond to ensure all its customers are getting everything they need to be successful. They make it almost impossible for you to fail and give up.❤️ . . In a few days it will be too late so if you want to be a part of something special right now, reach out to me and I will set you up with everything! . . What is that saying, it takes a village to raise a child… the same is true when it comes to your fit, healthy, and happy lifestyle too! . . . . . . #engagerevolution #fithealthyhappy #coachbrianrulka #furdad #catsrule #recoveringalcoholic #finallyhappy #soberlife #recoverywin #soberandfit #soberliving #sobriety #entrepreneur #weighttraining #cleaneating #mealprep #fitgamer #healthygamer

Have you reached that point yet where you can say, "The Buck Stops Here!" with total conviction? . . Took me a long time before I was able to say that. Before I was able to not blame my parents, my spouse, my boss, my friends, my education, my genetics, or the world for my present situation. . . I realized that if I allowed myself to blame these uncontrollable forces for my lack of success, I would forever be caught in a web of the past. I would always be looking behind instead of looking forward. . . Once I made that decision to take full responsibility for my own circumstances and realize that my life was the way it was because of me and me only, that is when I was able to construct the life I always dreamed of having! . . My thoughts will be constructive, never destructive. My mind will live in the solutions of the future. It will not dwell in the problems of the past. I will seek the association of those who are working and striving to bring about positive changes in the world. I will never seek comfort by associating with those who have decided to be comfortable. I accept responsibility for my past. I control my thoughts. I control my emotions. I am responsible for my success." - The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews. . . The Buck Stops Here! . . . . . . #engagerevolution #fithealthyhappy #coachbrianrulka #furdad #catsrule #recoveringalcoholic #finallyhappy #soberlife #recoverywin #soberandfit #soberliving #sobriety #entrepreneur #weighttraining #cleaneating #mealprep #fitgamer #healthygamer

Remember, motivation is what is going to get you started, but dedication and forming a habit is what is going to get your to your goal! 👊 . . This was a tough week for me, you know with all the holiday stuff. My nutrition was off, a few workouts were missed, slept a little too much.😖 . . Bumps in the road are there for a reason, they test our resolve and force us to really focus in on our WHY, our decision and promise to ourself to make our lives better, healthier, happier, and more fulfilling! ❤️ . . So this morning I rocked my workout! Today I will stay on track with my nutrition! Tonight I will plan my goals for next week! And later I will get in my Personal Development! I know it will not take long to build up that BIG MO (Momentum) again! 💪 . . . . . . #engagerevolution #fithealthyhappy #coachbrianrulka #furdad #catsrule #recoveringalcoholic #finallyhappy #soberlife #recoverywin #soberandfit #soberliving #sobriety #entrepreneur #weighttraining #cleaneating #mealprep #fitgamer #healthygamer

One of the most important goals in my support groups is to develop your awareness of Accountability! It works! Plain and simple! . . *** Accountability accelerates your performance. When you connect with your coach and your peers, you can work through your obstacles and struggles, develop strategies and execute with confidence, knowing you are being guided to achieve your goals. . . *** Accountability keeps you engaged. There are things that will come up that will distract you from your goals and take you off course. Knowing that you have to answer for your progress will keep you going to the finish line. . . *** Accountability will keep you responsible. When you are working with a group who encourages you to make changes and then report on them…you finally realize that you are ultimately responsible for how much progress you make every day. Accounting for your actions will cause you to take a good look at yourself, start eliminating the excuses and start making deliberate actions that bring about your intended success. . . *** Accountability will validate your thoughts and ideas. When you have a place to be accountable, you can silence your inner critic and bounce your ideas off someone else who can help. . . . . . . #engagerevolution #fithealthyhappy #coachbrianrulka #furdad #catsrule #recoveringalcoholic #finallyhappy #soberlife #recoverywin #soberandfit #soberliving #sobriety #entrepreneur #weighttraining #cleaneating #mealprep #fitgamer #healthygamer

Today is my Anniversary!!! On July 4th, 2012 I pushed play for the very first time with a program I knew nothing about, a company I knew nothing about, a future I knew nothing about! Back then it was only DVD Packs and you got all the printed materials like the calendar you see here! . . The first thing Andrea and I did was make a vow, a promise, a commitment to finish the program and do the best we could with it. I even wrote that out on the calendar and we both signed it. That was round 1 and my first 20 pounds lost. 80 more would follow. . . I started Insanity to lose weight but then the journey allowed me to find the strength needed for my sobriety, it helped me battle my depression, it allowed me to create amazing long lasting meaningful relationships with so many others on this same journey, and finally it blessed me with a life full of passion, purpose, and happiness. 😃 . . . . . . #engagerevolution #fithealthyhappy #coachbrianrulka #furdad #catsrule #recoveringalcoholic #finallyhappy #soberlife #recoverywin #soberandfit #soberliving #sobriety #entrepreneur #weighttraining #cleaneating #mealprep #fitgamer #healthygamer

Benefits of Meal Prepping! 😃😋 . . 1. Ensures you are going to eat healthy all week long. . . 2. No guessing what is for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner. Conversations like this will never happen again - "What would you like honey?", "I don't know, what would you like?", "I don't know, what do we have?", "I don't know?" . . 3. TIME!!! You get it all done in a few hours and then you don't have to worry about spending any time making any meals for the rest of the week!!! . . 4. Portion Controlled. Yep, everything is all portioned out so you know you are getting all the calories and nutrients you need each day. . . 5. Ensures you are going to eat healthy all week long. Did I say this one already. Well I will say it again because this is why you meal prep to begin with! . . 6. There are so many delicious meal prep plans available to you and if you would like more info on where to find them, just shoot me a message to let me know! . . Do the work and reap the rewards!!! . . . . . . #engagerevolution #fithealthyhappy #coachbrianrulka #furdad #catsrule #recoveringalcoholic #finallyhappy #soberlife #recoverywin #soberandfit #soberliving #sobriety #entrepreneur #weighttraining #cleaneating #mealprep #fitgamer #healthygamer

There is no way, let me repeat that, No Way in hell I would have dropped 100 pounds and got into the best shape and health of my life without my support and accountability groups! And today, my new SUMMER STRONG group, on Beachbody's Challenge Tracker App, just opened!!! . . So, you might be asking what we expect from you if you come join one of my groups? That is easy, let me lay it out for you: . We expect you to work as hard as you can, dig as deep as you can, and commit to transforming your body, mind, and soul to reach all the goals you have set for yourself. . We expect you to have belief, belief in yourself and belief in the process of change. . We expect you to share this journey with us by posting your accountability and engaging with the group. . We expect you to hit those barriers and not give up. . We expect you to experience obstacles and then turn those obstacles into opportunities as you gain the courage and strength to fight through. . We expect you to come here when the chips are down because that is when you are going to need the most support. . Even with all this support though, we expect you to take OWNERSHIP of what you are trying to achieve. We expect you to EARN IT! This is on YOU, it always has been and always will be. . We expect you to be selfish in this regard, to ensure you are doing everything possible to put your workouts and your nutrition first. There will be people here who have large families, work 2 or 3 jobs, go to school, have injuries or disabilities, heck, some people have all of those things! There is always somebody out there who is busier then you and those people still find the time to exercise and eat right. . We expect you to rejoice in all your successes and reap all the rewards that are out there just waiting to be earned! . We expect you to celebrate your own personal accomplishments and also to celebrate the accomplishments of your group members. . We expect you to be honest with yourself and your peers, to treat yourself and others with the respect you and they deserve. . We expect you to SUCCEED! . . A few spots still left, DM me if you’re interested! 😃

It took me too long to learn the secret to living a sober, happy, successful life.. but learned it I have! The secret is not only living each day to be our best self that we can be but HELPING OTHERS live each day so that they can find and be the best self that they can be! Alone we can do a little but together we can do so much! ❤️ . . The pursuit of happiness is not an individual sport, it is a team sport! Happiness and Success do not have destinations, it is the journey where we find those two elusive things. When you choose to believe in yourself, it impacts the entire ecosystem around you… now imagine you are in a group where tons of people believe in themselves. WOW, how do you think that could impact you? 🤔 😃👍 . . . . . . #engagerevolution #fithealthyhappy #coachbrianrulka #furdad #catsrule #recoveringalcoholic #finallyhappy #soberlife #recoverywin #soberandfit #soberliving #sobriety #entrepreneur #weighttraining #cleaneating #mealprep #fitgamer #healthygamer #makeanimpact #happiness

The #1 secret to success with any fitness and nutrition program is staying accountable to your health and fitness goals — and that’s exactly what MY Challenge Groups help you do. My groups are comprised of people just like you who all have committed to getting healthy and fit. ❤️ . . My group is hosted on Beachbody’s exclusive My Challenge Tracker app and we focus on three main areas: NUTRITION, FITNESS, and SUPPORT! . . Nutrition – I have been there! I was obese, 100 pounds overweight, on many medications for blood pressure, anxiety, depression, you name it, I had it! In my upcoming group, SUMMER STRONG, I am really going to focus on the nutrition side of this journey and share with you what I did to get into the best health of my life!!! I will take you into my kitchen and show you how I eat, how I meal prep, and how I handle the emotional side of eating. And I promise, I won’t let you eat any Kale…. Unless you like it of course! 😊 . . Fitness - Any Beachbody program is welcome in my group… any program at all really. I don’t care what you are doing for this puzzle piece of your journey. But if you need a program, I will help you find the right one for you! My goal is to help you get the best results while also building in recovery time. 😃 . . Support - Support is key to staying accountable. That’s why your fellow challengers, play a major role in helping you reach your health and fitness goals. Throughout the duration of my challenge group, I will check in on you daily, start conversations, and share tips to help you make it to the end. 👊 . . Challenge Groups WORK! Plain and simple! Studies have found that weight-loss programs that involve a third party that holds you accountable, as opposed to you going it alone, may significantly improve your chances of reaching your goals. Research by the International Journal of Consumer Studies also found social-networking groups provide four main types of support: emotional, instrumental, informational, and affirmation. 👍 . . I will continue to post more info on my SUMMER STRONG group until it opens on July 2! You ready to get started? Just comment below, DM me, or click that link you see in my BIO! 😃❤️😃