Your arm's pressed to the foggy window that the rain keeps battering against. Guitar hums as the background music to the rain. Humid air sticks your wavy hair to your neck, the muggy feeling annoying you but the weather says otherwise. It says he will finally talk to you today, offer you his umbrella or a coat, maybe. You wait for the downpour, wanting it to take a pause, but it stays, singing in your ears a melody that says he will finally tell you the reason behind his twinkling eyes when you practice the guitar. And the clouds rumbling against your arguments turn out to be quite right. He stands beside you, calling the weather a beautiful disaster. You compare it to yourself, then sillily shake your head and give him a beam. "Why do you look at me like that?" you ask, heat slithering on to your figure despite the cool breeze, despite his light chuckle. "What?" You mutter, as your cheeks deepen into red. "You leave imprints of your music wherever you go," he says. "Your hair waver as if trying to match a harmonium, too many variations stuck in your hairpins," he continues. A drizzle is all there's left of rain now but you want to pretend it's still windy out there. You look at him, wanting him to keep talking when he begins again: "I'm your music teacher, yet I learn melodies from the movements of your lips, and edges of your fingers are like missing parts of an instrument." Insides of your belly wriggles, as your eyes meets his'. "Will you keep looking at me like that, every day?" You ask him, your voice on its most vulnerable note. He smiles again, the sides of his eyes crinkling with shyness, he continues anyhow: "if you want me to," he gently whispers. Your eyes close at the serenity of his words. "I do," you say. Silence fills you as the sound of guitar and rain disappear, leaving the rest of the conversation to your imagination. "You have music inside you," he starts, "it's something new, something creatively complex and the musician in me can't rest until he explores it." Your lips give up, a blushing smile sweeping upon them. (Continue in the caption)

Its raining out side but Ive got denim dungarees on. Yep. You could say im in denial about the sun not being out today. . . I didnt listen to weatherman when the weatherman said its raining. P.s did the storm wake anyone else up last night? #rainbegone #suncomeback #clouds #cloudy #photooftheday #puddle #umbrella #gloomy #rainyweather #rainydayz #wet #splash #downpour #instarain #woman #people #f #nature # #norainplease🙏 #carshalton #vansoldskool #boomerang