Agree? Cuz no one else will👊. #mindset first then action➡️ #doshit 👏👏 #hackyourbehavior #jungparkhack

We're nearly three weeks into #PlasticFreeJuly. If you're thinking, "Shouldn't Jen be all over this?", well there are a couple reasons I haven't posted anything related to it yet. Probably most significantly is that I'm making a conscious effort every month, every day to minimize avoidable plastic waste. I'm not saying the event isn't a good way to deepen and spread awareness; it absolutely is! For myself and others who do the same, though, it's doesn't necessarily seem like a special occasion. The second reason for fewer posts in general, too, is that I've been spending more time away from screens and more time learning, making, and enjoying! I think doing this sort of thing is actually an important way to address the systemic, root cause problem of the busy "work, distraction & marketing, buy for convenience, toss & waste, repeat" cycle. Learning new, useful skills in order to make something that I would normally buy in wasteful packaging is what I enjoy most about the zero-waste-goal lifestyle. To celebrate this aspect, I'll be sharing ideas and wee instructions for the new things I've tried this month! (Don't hold your breath for uke lessons or tips any time soon 😅) #zerowaste #plasticfree #july #noexcuseforsingleuse #strawberries #garden #trashisfortossers #alwayslearning #make #doshit #saveourseas #noplanetb

Hear me out (it's gonna be long sry): I got a direct message (DM) today, that just really reinforced the fact that white privilege, racism, bigotry, homophobia, & sexism exist. It's no use pretending they don't, but it's a lot easier to push it away when you don't see it all the time. This realization came to me today, in the form of a DM from an individual I don't know & have no interest in getting to know. It involved my post about Gun Violence, that I posted a while ago. Basically this person was offended by that post & asked me to take it down. When I told the person (let's call the person... Henry.) When I told Henry that I would not be taking it down because it was something I believed in, & then proceeded to ask Henry how & WHY he was offended by said post (because I simply couldn't think of any reason), I unwittingly opened the gates to hell. I received a tirade about how it's offensive to his white race, and how African Americans should be the ones getting punished. Because, in the eternal words of a privileged white man with an internet connection, they're: Stealing our Jobs & Food & AIR! I KID YOU NOT! HE SAID AIR!! 🤯 I'm sorry white ass Georgia man, but the only one stealing AIR (!!??) is you & your blackened dead lungs. He then went on to blame almost everyone that wasn't a straight white man: If you were a woman, you didn't need social media because you should be busy working you ass off for your hb/bf. If you were part of the LGBTQ+ community (but especially Gay/Lesbian) you were too much of a "sissy" to make your own decisions, and it would be hard anyway from your "place". Which was, btw, 400ft under the ground apparently. 😒 It was RIDICULOUSLY unintelligent, almost every sentence having a misspelling or error of some kind, he sent things in tiny little bits (like 4-5 words at a time & sometimes right in the middle of a word), etc. But to get back to the point of this long ass caption (btw if you're still reading thank you you're the best here's a cookie for your efforts 🍪), it just reminded me that people like that exist out there & we need to do something about it. I'm running out of characters so I hope you got the message. 🤞 #doshit

Getting my 🎨🖼 on! It has been way too long!

Watching @garyvee ! Why? Because it’s all about learning and the comedy. #inspiration #motivation #garyvee #doshit #success #education #socialmedia #marketing ❤️💯

I’ve been following so many amazing illustrators recently and it has inspired me and made me a little sad with myself too . Sad because I haven’t made time for my creativity and also because it made me get up at 3am to finally finish a sketch I left months ago lol! Why can’t I not find creativity at 10 am ???🤔🤪. Now time to start practicing again or bike ??? . . . . #illustration #creativelifehappylife #creativeprocess #polycromos #fabercastell #art #strathmore #keeppracticing #artvisual #practicemakesperfect #doshit #livecreatively #doitfortheprocess #drawing #sketchbook #drawings #artlife #artofvisuals #pencilart #carandacheluminance

10 mph on the treadmill legs on 🔥🏃🏻‍♂️

The daily Yak vol.23 All videos are uncut and unedited. #real #truth #time #awareness #people #mindful #mindfulness #inspire #optimism #share #positivevibes #live #free #mindset #love #life #goodvibes #spittingknowledge #share #new #perspective #optimistic #freedom #good #health #positive #mentalhealth #woke #goals #doshit #repost From time to time I still catch myself judging others for what they do or say. When you generally care about people a lot. It can be hard not to pass judgement or feel frustrated when they do dumb shit or make poor choices.

This weather calls for Brews & BBQs 🍺 🍺: Fortunate Islands by @moderntimesdtla 🤙🏽

It’s been on my mind... can’t help it... had to hit record again today. I don’t have it all figured out. I fuck up. I’m nervous. I have days where I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing. I embarrass myself. I try my best to not worry what people think about me but yeah, sometimes I still do... The difference is that two seconds later after I have all those thoughts... I decide to keep going. Don’t be afraid to fail. Try things. Learn. Do. We all fuck up. That’s how you get better. #inspiration #motivation #keepgoing #failforward #doshit #doshityoulove #toronto #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship