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Tron And EOS Mainnets Are Approaching, Here Is All What You Need To Know - Two of the top 10 cryptocurrencies are waiting to launch their own blockchains and gain digital independence. The Tron mainnet launch is schedule for May 31 will effectively split the cryptocurrency off the Ethereum ERC20 network and onto its own. EOS meanwhile will be launching their mainnet on June 1 and similarly moving away from Ethereum’s blockchain. - So What Do You Need to Know? TRX and EOS are currently an ERC20 tokens which means you can use your Ethereum wallet address to send receive and store them. You will need to move them to an exchange that supports the new wallets. Binance is the most recommended, in our opinion, as they have already announced support and it is one of the world’s largest and most reliable exchanges. - The same applies for Tron. On May 25 the Tron Foundation will be releasing virtual machine to facilitate the migration of dApps from the Ethereum network to Tron’s however this does not affect TRX holders. - Big things could be ahead for these 2 cryptocurrencies, and there are more to follow later in the year with mainnet launches also planned for Cardano, VeChain, Ontology, Aeternity, and Zilliqa. We will inform about process for those mainnets soon enough. - Are you bullish on these 2 coins? - Read full article at