دمو کلیپ تبلیغاتی شرکت حمل و نقل نوید بهمن از دپارتمان فیلم سازی شرکت #بهین_تک_گستر آژانس تبلیغاتی جوجه تیغی #BTG Video by: #sina_mohajery

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This was fun! #btg #blacktoothgrin #poncycocktail Kiitos, Juha! 🔥🥃🔥

( #BTG ) Bitcoin Gold went under a 51% attack recently loosing over $50M

📝 Defined Regulations Main Factor For Crypto Exchanges When Choosing Country . 📊 A team of Morgan Stanley researchers, led by analyst Sheena Shah, has conducted a study on the distribution of cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto trading volume across all countries, based on volume data from Coinmarketcap and company registration info listed on the websites of the respective exchanges. . 🎯 The top five countries by crypto trade volume are, in order, Malta, Belize, Seychelles, the US and South Korea, whereas the countries that are home to the largest number of exchanges are the UK, Hong Kong, USA, Singapore and Turkey. . 📈 Overall, Shah concluded that the favorableness of local crypto business regulations is one of the main factors taken into account by crypto exchanges when deciding what country to register in. She added that in order to be attractive, a particular regulatory framework doesn’t necessarily have to be lenient but rather well-defined, because that means that the exchanges “know what to expect” and can “plan for the future.” . #opportunities #regulations #attractive #Cryptocurrency

When your day started at 730am but now it's home time and you get to have a delicious glass of Cal Pla blanco 2010. Burnt toffee and tropical fruits and all the flavour. #BTG and bottle at #handandheart. Come get some before I drink it all!

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Thursday running highlight... #commonlandscape

Thursday running highlight... #commonlandscape