Start today! Excuses could cost you or a loved one their life. There is never a better time than now. One day at a time sobriety is possible. #treatment #recovery #community #restoredetoxcenters #soberisbetter #life #freedom #togetherwerise


We all have our struggles, right? . . If we're lucky, we recognize that a substance/behavior/relationship/mindset is not serving us and we start to look for ways to change our lives . . For me, it was alcohol....and I am so grateful that I have not had a drink (or felt the desire to) in over 17 years. #miraclesdohappen . . But... my (ongoing) recovery from alcohol was just the beginning. Once my mind started to clear, I learned to recognize the patterns of unhealthy thinking & behavior that I had learned along the way . . So many of my struggles stemmed from a dysfunctional mindset that told me that I needed to change to be ok. That who I was wasn't "enough"....that's a whole other post for another day but, suffice it to say, I didn't believe I was worthy of love . . SO.....I have been on a journey of healing, and have learned some powerful tools that I would love to share with other women who might be struggling as well . . I created Limitless Recovery for women who were looking for a safe space to heal and learn how to love themselves, care for themselves in healthy ways, and design a life in recovery that is personal to THEM If this sounds like you, please feel free to DM me xo #limitlessrecovery #selfloveadvocate #beyondmywildestdreams #selfcareisthebestcare #manifestthatshit #dreambigger #mindsetiseverything #soulsisters #soberisbetter #sobriety #recoveryispossible #recoveryforwomen

My week has been made !!!!!! I’ve never ever in my life felt like I’ve impacted anyone’s life nearly helped save a life . God is good for realll #soberisbetter #sober #cleanandsober

Today I took it off. It was a mental health day as well as a physical health thing. I'd realized that I was being bitter by the end of my days. Resenting that people could not read my mind and make me feel better. When the alarm went off, I shut it off and closed my eyes again and said thank you to myself. I am grateful that I rested today. I feel energized and refreshed. Like I can do more. How funny is that? I can do more because I did less. The concept is so backwards to me. But I needed it. Oh I so needed it. How can you do less today to do more tomorrow? . . I've missed y'all these past few days. But I'm back. ♥️♥️💙💙 . . #elephanttrunkpose #yogi #yoga #yogalife #yogagirl #asana #yogaeverydamnday #latinoyoga #latinayogi #latinofitness #roamwithme #yogisofig #tattooyoga #ashtangi #hitthemat #yogaforlife #loveyourself #loveyourbody #selfloveyogi #travelingyogi #soberyogi #soberisbetter #3yearssober #odaat #progressnotperfection #chubbyyogi

💯 days sober 💪🏼💪🏼

Exactly!!! I am so grateful to have now the opportunity and wisdom wich is getting stronger day by day to be able to spread the message to people who still live inside of the addict bubble. It doesn't matter how messy your "bubble" is, all you need to know is that it is possible being sober start over. Even if others have given up on you remember that there is a God High Power above us who'll never give up on us. Is not to late to ask for help. Dare yourself to do it!!! #sobrietyrocks #sobriety #sobercommunity #soberlife #soberisbetter #soberissexy #onedayatatime #soberup #begrateful #helpothers

I gotta be honest here and tell y’all I have just started using the thieves tooth paste. We were using a different (clean) brand, but then I realized I could be getting 20% back if I just add it to my young living order 🙄. I’m trying to decide which I like better! I add a drop of orange EO because it naturally helps whiten teeth. PS the tooth paste I was using a year ago (crest) has formaldehyde in it 😭 #choosewellness